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Dental Implants Edinburgh

The most important advance in dental care in the last 30 years has without doubt been the ability to replace missing teeth with fixed dental implant-supported restorations. Many of our clinicians were involved with the original research on implants and have extensive experience and knowledge. Fixing loose dentures and replacing missing, or gum-infected teeth with implant restorations can allow you to smile with confidence once again. Imagine being able to eat just what you want without embarrassment? No need for denture glues, worrying about having to take your false teeth out or just that your smile looks false. Combined with our onsite laboratory we are able to, not only, provide fixed functional implant-supported teeth, but also make sure that they look as natural as possible. A totally unique, integrated service in the dental world. With our skills and experience nobody needs to have missing teeth or false teeth, we are very often able to provide this treatment when you have previously been told it is not possible. If you are looking for dental implants in Edinburgh, call or contact us to see how we can help. We are more than happy just to chat over your problems and explain what's possible.

Specialist Implant treatment?

Currently the General Dental Council in the UK does not recognise Specialists in Dental Implants, this is because Implant dentistry covers many areas. To give you the very best treatment and ensure that ALL options are available to you we use specialist Prosthodontists, Oral & maxillofacial surgeons, and Periodontists to provide dental implant care.

While one person can provide all the skills necessary for implant treatment, using a team of specialists means that you benefit from expert skills, knowledge and experience, at each stage of treatment. This can make your treatment quicker, easier, more predictable and affordable. You are not limited to the expertise of any one clinician.

Dental implants are the fastest growing area of dentistry today. Contact our Edinburgh dental practice for an appointment to discuss your options in full detail.

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When teeth are missing or have to be removed often the most ideal way of replacing them is to use dental implant-supported artificial teeth.

Anchoring the replacement teeth in this way has many advantages:

  • Eliminate the need for dentures and denture fixative so that there is nothing 'moving about' when you chew.
  • You can bite and chew food just as well as with your natural teeth.
  • Eat comfortably again.
  • Enjoy socialising and eating out again.
  • Be able to eat food that you have avoided for years.
  • Achieve natural looking teeth and the smile you have always wanted.
  • No damage to remaining teeth.
  • No need for a plate to cover the roof of your mouth.
  • Restorations that last longer than anything else conventional dentistry can offer you.
  • Implants stop your bone from shrinking and face from changing shape.
  • Reduces the 'aging' effect from tooth loss.
  • Opportunity to restore and rebuild lost tissue predictably.
  • Less complicated and easier to look after and maintain than conventional bridges or dentures.

Our experience and expertise in providing implant treatment has been established over the last 21 years. With four prosthodontists, two oral surgeons and a visiting professor of dental implantology *, our collective experience amounts to over 100yrs! There really is no situation or problem that we have not encountered.

*Professor Lars Sennerby is not a UK registered specialist, he is however one of the most experienced and skilled dental implant surgeons in the world having placed over 10,000 implants. He is one of the pioneers of modern implant dentistry; he has worked in the world famous Branemark clinic for over 10yrs and authored over 300 peer reviewed scientific articles on dental implants. He is one of only a handful of clinicians in the world to be a professor of dental implantology and is current editor of one of the world's foremost implant research journals.

We are happy to work with all the systems available and having our own onsite CT scanner and dental laboratory allows us to successfully treat situations that previously might have been thought impossible.

Whilst dental implant treatment has found its way into high street dental care it is NOT routine dentistry and only a few practices are able to offer comprehensive implant solutions.

It is on this basis that we established our referral system. We started accepting referrals over 16 years ago and currently receive referrals from over 800 practitioners.

We can provide a service at whatever level is required by your referring practitioner:

  • Surgery only
  • Fabrication of the final restoration
  • Full treatment (surgery and delivery of the restoration)
  • CT scans
  • Help and advice on planning
Dental Implants Edinburgh

Confidence in the advice and treatment being provided is paramount and to this end, all patients who attend to the centre for this type of treatment receive unlimited information on the options available and are encouraged to become involved in the diagnostic and decision making processes. A careful consultation process, with both the surgeon and restorative dentist, ensures that a lasting professional relationship is established prior to treatment commencing.

Throughout treatment referring practitioners are kept fully informed on how their patient's treatment is proceeding. On completion, patients are returned to their general practitioners care with the relevant advice on home and surgery maintenance being sent in advance.

In addition to Prof. Sennerby we are also extremely fortunate to have Dr. Pierluigi Coli as one of our full time Prosthodontists. Dr. Coli also worked as a specialist prosthodontist in the Branemark clinic in Sweden for over 10 years.

Since the initial implant systems were developed there have been many systems brought to the market, which no longer exist. To date there have been over 1000 implants developed with varying rates of success.


Dental Implants in Edinburgh
Facial collapse after tooth loss
Edinburgh Dental Implants
Facial support restored with
implant-supported restorations


If embarking on implant treatment it is essential to use a tried and tested system that you can be confident will still be available in 10 - 20 years, and for which spare parts are readily available (maintenance will always be required at some point).

When researching your implant treatment please note that scientifically proven implants all cost a similar amount, marketing for cheap implant treatment is often based on more obscure unproven systems.

As a specialist centre we only place, service and maintain proven implant systems.