Single tooth

Losing a tooth can be devastating. You can feel self-conscious and suffer a lack of self-esteem. Did you know that your tooth could be replaced with a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that integrates perfectly into your gum tissue, just where the root of your tooth would sit. Here's how it works:

  1. The screw will be surgically placed directly into your jaw by a Specialist oral surgeon. Its shape and material are optimal for close contact and ultimately fuse with the bone, providing maximum stability later on.
  2. Depending on the condition of your mouth and jawbone, the implant 'abutment' (the crown or bridge that fits onto the screw) may be added immediately after the screw is inserted, or sometimes it may be added at a later date. It will blend in perfectly with your natural teeth in colour and shape.
  3. Either way, there will be some healing time. The screw will slowly mesh with the bone, becoming a natural component of your jaw.

Your implant will look and feel as close to a normal tooth as possible: you will still be able to bite and chew normally, and the bone in your jaw will remain intact over time.

      Life benefits:

      • A beautiful, natural smile that is all your own.
      • The reassuring knowledge that your implant will last you a lifetime if properly cared for.
      • Full function restored, which means freedom for you.
      • Bone density will be maintained and so will the integral structure of your face.

        Multiple teeth

        If you have lost multiple teeth, you may be wearing a denture or partial denture. This can be a real burden, causing embarrassment, discomfort and generally having a real negative impact on your quality of life. Did you know you don't have to eat soft foods or wear dentures for the rest of your life? Implants are a viable and clinically proven alternative to missing teeth.

        1. Multiple teeth can be replaced with two or more implants. Two implants can support a bridge of up to four teeth in a row, each stable and sturdy and guaranteed for many years with good hygiene and maintenance.
        2. Depending on the volume of jawbone, the final bridge can be placed on the same day or over a period of months. The bridge will look and feel as close to your natural teeth as possible.

          Life benefits:

          • If missing teeth are not replace with implants the jawbone will recede, giving your face a sunken appearance. Implants give you a youthful boost.
          • You can bite or chew a variety of foods.
          • You can live free of worry and concern about your teeth.
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