How to get a Referral

If you have a dentist:

If, after viewing our website or talking to someone who has received treatment previously, you would like to see one our of specialists, then the simplest option is to phone your dental practice and discuss your concerns with them first. If they feel a referral is appropriate it can be easily arranged. We are also happy to accept a referral from your general medical practitioner.

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable phoning your practice, then please do call one of our referral coordinators on 0131 225 2666 and they will be pleased to advise you on how to proceed. We have established relationships with over 500 local practitioners and will, in most cases, be able to manage your referral for you.

If you do not have a general dentist or would like more information:

Call our friendly referral coordinators on 0131 225 2666 who will be able to explain how to proceed, in your specific case, in order to receive the necessary referral. We have lists of local practitioners we work with who will be happy to take on your regular care.

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