We care passionately about providing the very best service for patients referred to us. We are also proud of the investments we have made to improve these services & how they will enhance the experience of visiting our practice.

Our investment in customer care extends to every area of our facility. Our plaster room is where the initial stages of each case begins. Great care is taken & no expense spared to ensure the accurate casting of each unique impression.

Experience in all fixed and removable prosthetics, our investment in this area, with equipment such as our Giroform laser-drilling equipment, as well as in the practical education of each of our skilled technologists, allow us to provide a solid foundation for each individual case. Precision handling & attention to detail at this stage is essential as final impressions move on to the casting stage, or to our Prosthodontic rooms room where our team of experienced specialists combine hand-crafted skills with the very latest in dental technology equipment.

Our Prosthodontic room also houses our Nobel Procera and 3 Shape scanners. This five access laser scanner is one of the finest technological scanners in the marketplace and can produce cases for CADCAM production, such as bridges and titanium bars.

It is here that we can scan our substructures which are then manufactured to Titanium or Ziconia frameworks which can be used either in the ceramic room, or when we construct fixed-implant bridges.

As a natural tooth has so many varieties, it can be difficult to reproduce nature. However our facilities at the Dental Implant Laboratory allow us to do just that. Our master ceramist sees each client individually, with the aim of producing their natural shade to the highest possible degree of accuracy. We take our time to find out exactly what our client's expectations are, and involve our clients at every stage.

Once our client is satisfied, our master ceramist can then begin the ceramic build-up process.

Prior to any ceramic build-up work, we must first produce accurate sub-structures. This is achieved in our in-house casting room, home to some of our more specialist pieces of equipment. Significant investments in both technology & practical education, enables us to combine reliable casting with the most successful and safest casting proves in dental laboratory technology. Our casting room facility allows us to provide exceptional finishing results, which are then carried on to our metal & ceramic rooms. Once the desired metal frameworks are cast, these can then be sandblasted, to provide abrasive cleaning and finishing, before being trimmed up for the veneering process.

Our casting facility allows us to provide exceptional finishing results, and this is carried on to our metal & ceramics rooms. Every produced restoration is a highly-crafted piece of work, painstakingly created by hand to reproduce nature. Ceramic powders are applied to the framework, to achieve the original shade & characteristics. Once built-up, the individual case is placed on a heat-proof tray & placed within a ceramic furnace. This process allows us to yield some of the most realistic results to be found in the dental industry today.

At Edinburgh Dental Specialists, we are experts in our field. Our investments in skills & technology are aimed at providing the very best in client care & treatment, helping you find the best treatment for your dental problems.


    The laboratory now has five full time technologists and an administrator producing:

    • Full digital workflow
    • All acrylic and plastic restorations
    • Fixed and removeable implant-supported restorations - including single teeth, porcelain and gold or titanium and resin, milled bar 2 part bridges, guided surgery bridges.
    • All cosmetic crowns and veneers including, procera, lava, alumina and zirocon, emperess

    With only specialist referral work being carried out, the laboratory has developed an enviable expertise in the area of dental implantology with there being no situation to which the technologists cannot now apply themselves.

    Our Dental Implant Laboratory services are available to all GDPs. If you would like an up to date 'Lab Pack' including information and prices, please e-mail [email protected]

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