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CT Scans And Dental X-rays

At Edinburgh Dental Specialists, we have invested in the latest digital x-ray equipment to provide faster more convenient images with less radiation exposure. Integral to this has been the purchase of one of the first dental specific CT scanners in the UK.

The information provided by these images is far more than we have previously had available. In order to be sure that all potential problems are picked up we, when requested, employ the services of Dr. Neil Heath and Dr. Donald Thomson. As specialists in oral and maxillofacial radiology, Neil and Donald bring to the dental specialist team a background in medical imaging and dentistry.

Both have experience in many spheres of dentistry which allows the essential interpretive skill involved when reporting radiological images taken by the team.

As the information acquired during CT scans can contain not only the immediate area of dental interest but also information about surrounding oral, head and neck structures. Both Dr. Heath and Dr. Thomson will analyse each slice of information that is used to produce the final image (often more than 200 slices make up the final image) and report on any abnormalities found.

If there are significant incidental findings from the images then an appropriate referral pathway can be advised.