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Dental Testimonials

Just a quick note to thank you and the team at Edinburgh Dental Specialists for the care that you have provided for our patients over the last 10 years. I appreciate being able to access a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who consistently combine their expertise to help solve some of the most complex clinical challenges that we face. As a practitioner it is always reassuring to know that you have somewhere to go for help and further advice when your own abilities are stretched to the limit. Any practitioner who comes into regular contact with EDS will rapidly recognise the key role that ongoing professional development plays in lives of the entire team. When attending events such as the Round Table and the CPD courses that are run from the practice you cannot help but notice the professional generosity that exists. I have yet to attend an event where I have not personally evolved my learning. It is a well recognised fact that attending practitioners all benefit from the information and knowledge is so freely shared.
As a referring practitioner, I have total confidence that my patients will be cared for as I would wish. While the clinical care is clearly paramount it is reassuring to know that all aspects of the patient journey will be handled sympathetically and professionally. The best test is perhaps where one would refer ones self.
The quality of the information that has flowed back to our practice with regards to referred patients has always been excellent and allowed us to dovetail our own services when care has been shared between our practices.
I look forward our continuing work together.

Fraser J Hendrie BDS MFGDP

It was very interesting to have a look around the practice and meet some of your specialists - much easier to refer with confidence, knowing where the patients will be treated, and to be able to reassure them about the location.
Ashley is a most entertaining and stimulating speaker. I personally have heard him before, and done the 20 word memory challenge! The dentists and other team members enjoyed his talk enormously, and he has stimulated quite a bit of chat!

Alison Harrington

Many thanks for your generous hospitality last Wednesday. I did enjoy visiting your suite of surgeries and was most impressed. The presentation by Ashley Latter was stimulating and fun. I put it into immediate practice the very next day and was rewarded with two panic attacks! On balance the day went well and I try not to be quite so manic.

Peter Davidson

I have been referring patients to Kevin Lochhead & his team of specialist practitioners at Edinburgh Dental Specialists for over 10 years and have been delighted with the standard of care delivered to our patients and the communication with the referring practitioners. My wife has received excellent care from 3 separate specialist dentists for various different matters.

Dr. Yann Maidment

We are delighted by the high standard of care offered at Edinburgh Dental Specialists. It is good to know that we have somewhere to refer difficult endodontics and tricky restorative situations. All the patients referred have been very pleased with their treatment.
I can also personally vouch for the high standard of care having had root canal therapy from Carol Tait and implant work from Glen Lello and Kevin Lochhead. It is all doing fantastically well.

Dr. Gilly Maidment

I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of my colleagues and staff for taking the initiative in organising and hosting such a successful evening on Wednesday.
I enjoyed visiting your prestigious practice and meeting your charming wife and workmates.
Ashley Latter true to his reputation and I'm sure no surprise to you was inspirational, informative and entertaining. All top class

Richard Barron

I met Dr. Kevin Lochhead for the first time in his Edinburgh Dental Specialists, attending his implant course. I was amazed by the place, the team was so nice. Dr. Lochhead built the most welcoming practice for his patients, as well as for his colleagues. An amazing team of specialists lead us through the course providing the attendees with the best mentoring. Since then I comfortably refer my patients for highly specialised care, as I know they will benefit from the best treatments. Kevin's expertise will definitely fulfill most expectations.

Robin Jeunet-Mancy

The treatment provided for my patients by Kevin and the team at EDS over the years has been nothing short of exceptional. The specialists have such a broad wealth of knowledge covering every aspect of dentistry and their level of expertise and approachability is second to none. A huge thank you to Kevin for your patience and mentoring over the last 15 years, you have helped smooth my way into the world of occlusion and restorative implant dentistry.

Chris Pritchard