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Comprehensive Treatment Planning Appointment

This appointment is used as a fact finding appointment and is essential to gather the necessary clinical information for the Specialist to work up a full diagnosis of your present situation and requirements. They will then expertly plan the treatment options available to you, including the costs at each stage.

Whilst it may appear that you are consulting with one of our Specialists, you will be benefitting from an expert team of multi-disciplinary professionals, who will be involved with your care if necessary. Our Specialists have a vast amount of collective knowledge and experience, having worked and studied all around the world.

What happens at this Comprehensive Treatment Planning appointment?

  • Detailed Questioning on what you are trying to achieve and the current problems experienced.
  • Oral cancer screen.
  • Detailed examination of remaining dentition, gum condition and bite.
  • Impressions of upper and lower jaws with jaw recording to mount on an artificial jaw.
  • Detailed series of clinical photographs.
  • Detailed X-rays where required.
  • Scanning X-ray where required.

An oral cancer screen will be included as part of your thorough examination including mouth, tongue, other intraoral tissues plus head, neck and glands.

The health of your gums will be carefully measured and assessed. 3 out of 4 adults will have some degree of gum disease and are often unaware of it. We have three Specialist Periodontists at Edinburgh Dental Specialists, all of whom are well renowned in their chosen field of expertise.

We provide a wide variety of dental X-rays, from a standard intraoral X-ray to a dental CT Scan. Our CT scanner delivers the lowest dosage possible to produce the maximum detail needed. One of our Specialists in Radiology will review and compile a report on these images.

Clinical Photographs will be taken to refer to when compiling your treatment plan.

Jaw joint assessments - an assessment will be made of your jaw joints to establish if there is any wear and tear on the joints. Clenching, grinding and function are important factors to be considered in the planning of your care.

Impressions will be taken as well as a bite registration to provide the Specialist with study models.

What happens following the Treatment Planning Appointment?

Your Specialist will collate the information and spend about 4 hours planning your treatment options. He or she will use all their skill, expertise and above all, their experience to devise the treatment options that are available to you, whilst considering your budget and your individual requirements. Your Specialist will review your study models which will have been prepared by our laboratory. They will be mounted on an artificial jaw to replicate your bite and function. Your Specialist may then consult with colleagues at their weekly case conference meeting to ensure that all possible treatment options have been explored. This written plan will be typed up and presented to you by post within two to three weeks of your treatment planning appointment.

The treatment planning fee is £295.

Note: For treatment such as root canal therapy or minor oral surgery procedures a treatment planning appointment is usually not necessary.