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Financial investment

The information below is correct as of October 2015.

We do not expect anybody to commit to treatment unless until they are fully aware of the costs involved. We know that most people have to carefully budget for extensive treatment plans and any increase during treatment might be prohibitive.

Once we have quoted for treatment, and you have signed a consent form, we will do everything in our power to keep to the costs quoted.Indeed, the most significant financial investment is usually attributed to dental implant treatment, with which there are two main costs involved:

  • Surgical costs - These include surgical planning, the implant component costs and surgical placement by the implant surgeon and his team.
  • Restorative costs - which include the final prosthesis(what is actually attached to the implant), associated component and laboratory costs together with the planning and any provisional (temporary) restorations required.

Dental Implant treatment requires more financial investment than most previous dental treatment you will have received, and undoubtedly this is one of the most important factors in deciding on which type of implant-supported restoration to proceed with.

There are many factors which dictate the need for individual quotations, rather than selection from a price list:

  • No two dentitions are the same
  • The number of implants needed can be different for similar restorative cases
  • The final restorative requirements may be different for similar situations, e.g. emphasis on appearance or function
  • The final cost can be "tailored" to some extent depending on the desired final result, e.g. fixed or removable
  • Additional work may be required to stabilise any remaining teeth prior to implant treatment

As a result, absolute costs cannot be quoted until a full diagnosis is established, which encompasses all the potential variables and combines them with your individual criteria. In this way, we can present a complete treatment plan of all the available options and costs. In most instances, however, it is possible to provide an estimation of cost at the initial clinical consultation, prior to committing to any treatment or follow up appointments. The estimation is based on previously completed similar cases, and used only to help in deciding whether to proceed to a full treatment plan or not.