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Financial Guide to Investing in Dental Implant treatment

This guide is in order to give an idea of the costs involved.

These costs include all surgical and restorative costs, implant component costs, grafting materials, laboratory costs and appointments necessary to bring your treatment to completion.

There are now hundreds of small companies throughout the world producing low-cost implants. Many of these are copies of popular implant designs from well known, established manufacturers.

It is fairly common nowadays for those implants to be sold to patients without any supporting clinical evidence for their long-term reliability and in many cases, patients who have had these cheaper implants placed, have had a failure. What seemed like a cost effective solution at the time therefore can take some years to put right with many trips to your dentist.

We only use the world's most rigorously tested implant systems backed up with many years of research, mainly Nobel Biocare, Biomet 3i and NEOSS.

We are extremely happy to be able to inform you that our failure rate is less than 1% over the past 5 years for over 3,000 dental implants.

If any implant were to fail, then there is absolutely no additional costs involved for us to correct this for you, provided there is sufficient bone.

Note: when comparing these costs with other providers of this treatment it is important to be sure that all costs are included.

Our policy is that final restorations are only fitted when the patient is entirely happy with the results achieved.

Fees correct as of December 2019.

Replacement of a single tooth from £2,815 - £4,500
3 tooth bridge - (2 implants and 3 teeth) from £5,500
lower denture supported on 2 implants from £3,500
(including custom fabrication of new denture)
upper denture supported on 4 implants from £7,500
(including custom fabrication of new denture)
Replacement of all lower teeth with fixed bridgework from £11,000 to £25,000
Replacement of all upper teeth with fixed bridgework from £11,000 to £25,000


Root canal treatment of a front tooth from £590
Root canal treatment of a back tooth from £750
Apical Surgery from £950


Tooth whitening from £390
Full and partial coverage crowns and veneers from £900 - £1,100 per tooth
Composite bonding and fillings from £170 per tooth
Upper arch aesthetic make-over using veneers or crowns from £6,000

(Due to the many varied materials now available for crown and veneer fabrication, at the initial consultation the Prosthodontist will use the information provided to advise on the most appropriate material.)

Investing in periodontal treatment

All periodontal treatment is patient specific and we recommend an initial consultation with one of our periodontal team.

Initial Consultation fee is £110.

Investing in Natural Removable Dentures

Complete upper and lower custom fabricated removable dentures (includes all appointments, chairside customisation, suction effect techniques, as well as optimum support to cheeks and joints, follow-up adjustment appointments if required and spare‚ emergency‚ denture if requested). from £3,800
Removable cobalt chrome precision fit equipoise dentures from £1,800
Treatment of TMJ problems, headaches and facial pain from £340

Referral for CT Scan

Single arch from £99
Dual arch from £180
Radiology Report £90