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Oral Surgery

Deals with the treatment and ongoing management of irregularities and pathology of the jaw and mouth that require surgical intervention. This includes the specialty previously called Surgical Dentistry.

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We are extremely fortunate to have the services of three oral surgeons.

Mrs. Ainsworth is one of the few oral surgeons who also provides intravenous sedation for surgical procedures, ensuring total comfort and no memory of the procedures.

Our Surgical Clinicians are available for direct referral for:

  • Dental implant surgery - conventional and guided (the expertise of our surgeons means that there are very few situations which we cannot undertake. Where our visiting professor of implants Prof. Sennerby, Mr. Paley and Mrs. Ainsworth excel is in being able to offer dental implant solutions for patients who previously have been told they were unsuitable or had insufficient bone.)
  • Sinus and block bone grafting
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Cyst removal
  • Removal of failing implants
  • Orthognathic surgery in conjunction with orthodontics and rehabilitation
  • Second opinions
  • Connective tissue grafting

Note: increasingly for implant treatment we find that block bone grafting is not required where conventional teaching might suggest it is. If a patient has been put off treatment by the idea of bone grafting or there being insufficient bone, we would recommend an appointment with either of the surgeons to see if alternative solutions are available.