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Patient treatments introduction

Specialist Dental Care

We have over the last 21 years built a team of extremely talented and knowledgeable dental experts. Currently we have 12 registered specialist dentists and 2 visiting Professors.

Each of our specialist dentists have at least 10 years of experience in their area of expertise.

Our team of specialists have, by definition, been trained to the very highest standard. Having achieved their specialist qualification, which takes an additional 3-5years training on top of the basic dental qualification, each dentist has limited their practice to just their area of expertise. Seeing patients on referral only, ensures that their skills are maintained at the very highest level. All of our team have been, or are currently, involved in the training of undergraduate and postgraduate dentists.


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What specialist treatments do we offer at Edinburgh Dental Specialists, Scotland?


This is the back bone of all dental treatment and includes dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures and all cosmetic dentistry. There are approximately 400 prosthodontists in the UK.


Diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. There are approximately 300 periodontists in the UK.


Root canal therapy. There are approximately 200 endodontists in the UK, and only 4 in Scotland.

Oral & Maxillo-facial Surgery

Tooth removal, bone grafting, biopsies, sinus lifts, placement of dental implants. There are approximately 800 oral surgeons in the UK.