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Partial Dentures

When too many teeth are missing for fixed bridgework, and implant-supported restorations are not viable, then partial dentures are the solution of choice. Every partial denture is unique, each is carefully planned and constructed to meet the criteria set out between you and the prosthodontist. The majority of our partial dentures are reinforced with cobalt chromium - a very strong metal which allows the denture to be made as small as possible. Critically our unique design means that metal clasps need not be visible.


The critical factors that must be addressed for successful partial dentures are:

  • Appearance
  • Function
  • Comfort
  • Strength
  • Adaptability

In many situations there are teeth still present which may not last as long as the denture being provided. In these cases every attempt is made to design their loss into the denture, such that it can be adapted rather than having to be remade.

The adaptability of partial dentures to future tooth loss is rarely considered at the outset, however it is of primary importance in patients that are suffering from periodontal disease. Historically a simple plastic denture has been the mainstay of tooth replacement in this type of situation as it is easily adjusted, however not only are these prostheses unstable and poor in appearance, they can accelerate the further loss of teeth. We have developed a system of partial denture design specifically for these patients, which involves minimal preparation of the teeth for a precision fit metal base - which the replacement teeth are attached to. The metal base is not visible during normal function and yet locks all the teeth in an arch together for the stability normally only attained with fixed bridgework.

This can indeed be seen as removable bridgework with the advantages of:

  • Future additions can be carried out if required.
  • Reduced cost over fixed bridgework and implants.
  • The ability to eat most types of food again.
  • The confidence of a solid bite position.
  • No need to cover your palate with plastic
  • Excellent appearance - missing gum and bone tissue can be incorporated into the design.
  • Improves the longevity of teeth affected by gum disease.

(The originating designs for this procedure are the Equipoise denture designs by Dr. G. Goodman)

Be it complete or partial dentures the service we offer is designed to provide all the options for achieving the criteria set out by you.