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The costs associated with removable dentures have to be personalised based on the techniques and time required to achieve your requirements and how far you would like to go to in achieving the most realistic appearance.

At the initial consultation we will find out what you would really like, your previous problems and any limitations. All our prosthodontists have many years of experience making complete and partial dentures and will be able to advise there and then the procedures, time and number of appointments required to meet your goals. This information is used to provide you with an accurate costing for your new customised dentures.

As a guide you can expect:

  1. New upper and lower complete customised dentures incorporating all techniques required to achieve the best fit/ function and appearance. Includes "suction effect" techniques for lower. Costs to also include all laboratory work, prosthodontists time, personalised "natural" denture teeth, high impact injection moulded finishing and personalised gum tinting.

    From £3,800
    (single upper or lower denture prices available)

  2. Copy technique to replace existing dentures for a better fit and improved "natural" appearance.

    From £2,400
    (single upper or lower prices available)

  3. "Immediate" complete upper or lower denture to include design, and fabrication of denture together with fitting and lining on the day of surgery

    From £600
    Additional linings during healing period as required (generally not more than two are necessary) £95.00

  4. New upper and lower complete customised dentures or Copy technique to replace immediate denture if functioning well price as above.