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The laboratory now has six full time technologists and an administrator producing:

  • All acrylic and plastic restorations
  • Fixed and removeable implant-supported restorations - including single teeth, porcelain and gold or titanium and resin, milled bar 2 part bridges, guided surgery bridges.
  • All cosmetic crowns and veneers including, procera, lava, alumina and zirocon, emperess

With only specialist referral work being carried out, the laboratory has developed an enviable expertise in the area of dental implantology with there being no situation to which the technologists cannot now apply themselves.

Our Dental Implant Laboratory services are available to all GDPs. If you would like an up to date 'Lab Pack' including information and prices, please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Casting machine

This casting machine is a so called vacuum - pressure - casting machine. Gold alloys and non-precious metals are being melted under vacuum until the liquid point, and then cast into the preheated and air free form. Once hitting the form, air pressure of 3,5 bar presses the still liquid metal into the form, while the under pressure in the form sucks the alloy in. This process provides a low number of miscasts and a high fitting rate.

Milling unit

This milling unit allows our dental technicians to mill crowns or abutments in wax or metal to a certain degree to make a perfect fit for all cement retained implant crowns and bridges as also double crowns possible.

Ceramic furnace

The ceramic furnace is an essential machine to bring the ceramic onto a framework. Our Programat P500 is a state-of- the- art furnace with high firing stability for constant results. A combination of programmed temperature rising and vacuum guarantees the best connection between framework and ceramic and most natural aesthetic results.

CAD/CAM scanner

Latest developments in dentistry and dental labs make working without a cad/cam device impossible, if you want to produce high end restorations. This Nobel Biocare scanner allows us to copy scan or virtual design frameworks for crowns, bridges, implants and bars in Alumina, Zirconia, Titanium or Non - Precious with perfect fitting results. The Data is sent to a milling centre in Sweden via Internet and the manufactured product returns within 3-5 days.

Giroform pin drill

The Giroform pin drill is part of one of the latest and most accurate model systems on the market. To cut out sources of mistakes, the diestone model is kept to a minimum and fixed to a teflon base with pins, which allows us to section the model and remove the different parts for an easier handling.