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Options for referring a patient:

  • Electronic referral - simply complete our on line active standard referral form or CT scan request form and after pressing send we will do the rest.
  • Conventional written referral - please include as much information on the problem being addressed as possible. If you do not know or do not have a preference to which specialist to refer to, do not worry we will mange this for you. Should you include a radiograph, this will be copied and returned to you after the initial consultation.
  • Use our referral pdf form - simply print off the pdf document and fill it in as necessary.
  • For CT Scan dental requests, please use our CT scan request pdf form.

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Telephone - you can call the practice directly on 0131-225-2666 and make a referral through one of our referral coordinators.

Note: if you wish to speak to one of the specialists prior to referring your patient then do call one of our referral coordinators and suggest a suitable time for the specialist to contact you.

Fax -please fax us on 0131-225-5145

Note: in order to expedite treatment Dr. Carol Tait requests that for endodontic referrals you send a radiograph where possible.

The referral system

Once you have referred a patient, our systems will ensure that the following happens:

  • An acknowledgement of the referral will be sent to you within 2 days thanking you and informing you which specialist your patient has an appointment with and the date this has been made on.
  • Your patient will receive a letter acknowledging the referral and offering an appointment with one of the specialists. Included in this letter will be an explanation about the practice and an introduction to the specialist they will be seeing.
  • 2 days before the appointment, your patient will receive a telephone confirmation.
  • In the case of a restorative or implant referral to Dr's Coli, Lochhead, Lello, Mathieson, Tait, the initial consultation appointment is provided without cost. This is as a courtesy to you and your patient. This is an opportunity for your patient to meet with us, without commitment. We will take time to discuss your patients concerns and find out what they are wishing to achieve. After a short examination we will explain our findings and outline the various treatment options, which may be available, to meet their, and your, requirements. Using our experience of helping people with similar problems it should also be possible to provide a fairly accurate estimate of the potential costs involved. At the end of the of the appointment options on how to proceed will be given, this may mean a treatment planning appointment, meeting with another specialist, or simply returning to your care electing not to have any treatment at this time.
  • A report of the initial consultation will be sent to you explaining how your patient has chosen to proceed.
  • If a treatment plan is required, a copy will be set to you, for your records.
  • On completion of treatment, a letter will be sent to you confirming the treatment provided and outlining any follow up care required.