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Guide to costs:

Treatment Planning Appointment - This is a 30 - 45 minutes clinical appointment where a full clinical exam is carried out, which includes:

  • Detailed questioning on requirements and the current problems being experienced
  • Oral cancer screen
  • Detailed examination of remaining dentition, periodontal condition and occlusal analysis
  • Impressions of upper and lower jaws with facebow record where appropriate
  • Detailed series of clinical photographs
  • Detailed periapical radiographs where required
  • OPT radiograph where required

Note: If an additional special investigation such as a CT scan is required this is carried out as a separate appointment.

The treatment planning fee is £295.00 (this includes a follow up appointment to discuss any issues raised, if necessary the plan will be refined and resent.

Note: for treatment such as root canal therapy or minor oral surgery procedures a treatment planning appointment is usually not necessary.

Financial Investment

We do not expect anybody to commit to treatment unless until they are fully aware of the costs involved. We know that most people have to carefully budget for extensive treatment plans and any increase during treatment might be prohibitive.

Once we have quoted for treatment, and a consent form has been signed, we will do everything in our power to keep to the cost quoted.

The most significant financial investment is usually attributed to dental implant treatment. There are two major costs involved with implant treatment:

  1. Surgical costs - which include surgical planning, the implant component costs and surgical placement by the implant surgeon and his team.


  2. Restorative costs - which include the final prosthesis, associated component and laboratory costs together with the planning and any provisional (temporary) restorations required.

Dental Implant treatment requires more financial investment than most dental treatment and this is one of the most important factors in deciding on which type of implant supported restoration to proceed with. There are many factors, which dictate the need for individual quotations rather than selection from a price list:

  • The number of implants needed can be different for similar restorative cases.
  • The final restorative requirements may be different for similar situations eg emphasis on appearance or function.
  • The final cost can be "tailored" to some extent depending on the desired final result e.g. fixed or removable, porcelain or resin.
  • Additional work may be required to stabilise any remaining teeth prior to implant treatment.

As a result absolute costs cannot be quoted until a full diagnosis is established encompassing all the potential variables and combining them with the given criteria. In this way we can present a complete treatment plan of all the available options and costs.

Financial Guide to Investing in Dental Implant treatment

This guide is in order to give an idea of the costs involved only.

These costs include all surgical and restorative costs, implant component costs, grafting materials, laboratory costs and appointments necessary to completion, together with follow up appointments and making good any problems which may occur during or after treatment.

Note: - When comparing these costs with other providers of this treatment it is important to be sure that all costs are included.

Our policy is that final restorations are only fitted when the patient is entirely happy with the results achieved.

Replacement of a single tooth from £2,815 - £4,500
3 tooth bridge - (2 implants and 3 teeth) from £5,500
lower denture supported on 2 implants from £3,500
(including custom fabrication of new denture)
upper denture supported on 4 implants from £7,500
(including custom fabrication of new denture)
Replacement of all lower teeth with fixed bridgework from £11,000 to £25,000
Replacement of all upper teeth with fixed bridgework from £11,000 to £25,000

Investing in Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment of a front tooth from £380
Root canal treatment of a back tooth from £720
Apical Surgery from £800

Investing in cosmetic dentistry

Tooth whitening from £390
Full and partial coverage crowns and veneers from £600 - £1,100 per tooth
Composite bonding and fillings from £170 per tooth
Upper arch aesthetic make-over using veneers or crowns from £5,000

(Due to the many varied materials now available for crown and veneer fabrication, at the initial consultation the Prosthodontist will use the information provided by you and the patient to advise them on the most appropriate material for their needs.)

Investing in periodontal treatment

All periodontal treatment is patient specific and we recommend an initial consultation with either Dr. Coli or Dr. Bain.

Investing in custom fabricated removable dentures

Complete upper and lower custom fabricated removable dentures (includes all appointments, chairside customisation, gnathomat gothic arch technique of achieving correct vertical dimension in centric relation as well as optimum support to cheeks and lips, follow-up adjustment appointments if required and spare 'emergency' denture if requested). from £1,800
Removable cobalt chrome 'precision fit' equipoise dentures from £1,350
Treatment of TMJ problems, headaches and facial pain from £340

Referral for CT Scan

Single tooth £160
Single arch £210
Dual arch £275

Note: the above costs for CT scans include the second scan for guided surgery techniques where applicable.