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When it "just has to be right", or you know there are going to be design challenges, then allow us to take the pressure off.

We are an exclusively private laboratory with 7 registered technicians including 1 qualified (trained in Germany) master ceramist. We have invested in the latest equipment in every department in order to be able to produce our best work - every time.

We don't expect you to send us all your work, but will excel when you send us your special cases.

For the attention to detail and quality of work produced our Pricing Structure is refreshing realistic and similar to other commercial labs -

Zirconia based all-ceramic ant. crown - £170 including lab visit by pt & porcelain build up by qualified master ceramist.
Cement retained zirconia all-ceramic crown on zirconia abutment - £450 including all implant components and build up qualified master ceramist

Screw retained implant supported crown - £495

Complete lower denture retained in 2 locator attachments - £300 + attachment costs - includes lab visit by pt, premium teeth, custom staining, injection moulding and high impact acrylic

Scanning and milling of zirconia, titanium, e-max lithium disilicate, non-precious and provisional acrylic materials.

We look forward to working with you.