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Your safety while under our care is paramount.

All the current guidelines on cross infection control are in place, with protocols to ensure that standards are constantly maintained.

All handpieces (drill units) are disinfected between patients, together with all non-disposable instruments, using pressurised steam autoclaves. Where possible, disposable items are used and disposed of accordingly. All clinical staff wear gloves and masks for clinical procedures, together with safety glasses. Full disposable covers are supplied to protect your clothes together with safety glasses. A dental dam is also used, where appropriate.

All staff are regularly trained in emergency procedures and health and safety legislation is continually in force.

If you have any concerns at all about your safety while under our care then please contact Karen Murray our practice manager.

Latest advances

Dentistry is a technologically driven science. The technology is rapidly changing and we make sure that any new innovations are thoroughly proven before introducing them for your care. The practice currently subscribes to eight peer reviewed journals a month, each providing research articles relevant to different aspects of dental care. We are often able to form opinions on advances in the field long before the items become universally available.

The digital age

Since we opened in 1994 we have been fully computerised with all our patients information being saved on computer and immediately accessible from either the surgeries or the reception station. Integral to the computer package are intraoral video cameras in each surgery, which allow pictures of your teeth to be taken for highlighting relevant areas and promoting discussion.

A full X-ray facility is available on site with four intraoral units and a digital OPT. Digital X-ray technology allows use of the lowest dose of X-rays.

Guided Surgery

We are one of a handful of practices in the UK to have invested in our own CT scanner. This investment now allows us to have CT images taken for dental implant treatment at approximately 1/40 of the dose of a hospital scanner and for half the price.

The information from the CT scan in certain cases allow us to place implants, without having to cut the gums, and fit bridgework on the same day. This technology is company specific and referred to as ‚ 'guided surgery‚' or ‚'Nobelguide teeth-in-an-hour‚'.

Not having to cut the gums means that there is very little chance of bruising, swelling or pain after treatment.

If you are interested in benefitting from guided surgery please ask for details of this service from one of our specialists at your consultation.