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Relaxation and comfort

Relaxation and comfort

Our practice is unlike any other.

The foundations of our success are built upon the quality of the relationship that we build with our patients. At Edinburgh Dental Specialists, your comfort & relaxation are our focus.

We appreciate that the prospect of dental surgery can often be daunting and that our expertise alone is not always enough to reassure. That is why each of our specialists recognise the importance of getting to know each individual patient, and that each case, like the individual themselves, is unique.

It takes a true partnership between the patient and the dentist, a growing trust, and a growing relationship to allow us to provide the very best in dental care.

The design of our practice & surgeries reflect our approach to the individual. Soft furnishings & elegant colors create a warm & homely feel upon your entrance & ensure you feel relaxed from the moment you set foot inside our practice.

Each of our spacious surgeries are air conditioned and for long procedures, our chairs have ‚'tempur med‚' body forming mattresses, which offer unique pressure-relieving qualities for your optimum comfort. We have also intergrated CD systems & TV screens into each surgery, so that you may listen to your favorite music or watch a movie to pass the time.

We like to think that the term ‚'specialist‚' not only describes our unique combination of skills, but also the way in which we treat our patients.

Through building our relationship with you & providing the very best in modern day dental facilities, you can be assured of an unparalled experience.

We look forward to your visit.