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  • Established in 1994 and is a privately owned practice by the principal dentist. We are not part of a large corporate group.
  • Our expert team of internationally recognised dentists and surgeons have trained and worked all around the world to gain their level of expertise.
  • The General Dental Council recognise their level of expertise and have admitted our clinicians on to the additional register for dental specialists.
  • The implant systems, components and material we use are fully researched and proven to comply with all the necessary licensing regulations.
  • Two of our team have worked at the Branemark clinic in Sweden where implants were first developed 50 years ago.
  • Our specialists meet weekly to review patient cases, so you will be benefitting from the collective knowledge of all our specialists even if you do not consult with them individually.
  • We were very pleased to be the first clinic in Scotland to have a special cone beam scanner for dental radiography. This state of the art machine delivers the lowest possible dose of radiation should you require a scan.
  • In-house dental laboratory so that technicians can work alongside our clinicians to achieve the most beautiful restorations.
  • You will not find a like for like service at a cheaper price than ourselves.
  • It's very easy for other dentists to quote cheaper costs at the beginning; however, by the end of treatment, additional costs will most likely be added. That does not happen here.
  • Remember, dental implants are medical devices and there are over 500 different types of implants currently in the market place. Many of them have very little research to justify their use so if you are going to shop around elsewhere you need to know exactly what will be placed in your mouth or you could end up in a scenario like the breast implant situation in 2012 where the implants had insufficient research, were found not fit for purpose and had to be removed.

    That is why your dentist refers his/her patients to us time and time again and entrust us with his/her patients clinical care.

  • We are now routinely seeing patients with problems who have either had cheap implants placed, or went abroad thinking it would save them money. They often need significant treatment to rectify poor care. Sometimes there is simply nothing that our dentists can do for a patient in this terrible position.
  • We use implants with over 30 years of testing and because we do that we have less than 1% failure rate of all implants placed here in the past 5 years which will give you complete peace of mind. The implant companies that we use have been doing this for over 40 years and guarantee their implants for life. They also guarantee the components and bridgework, which are the most expensive items to replace, should you require maintenance in the future.
  • Finally many of our patients have found our flexible 0% finance and payment options most helpful.