We realise how daunting it can be to attend any form of medical consultation. Most patients are referred to us from practitioners with whom they have built up a relationship of trust and friendship over many years, and attending another dental practice for the first time can be anxiety provoking.

While you may agree with the treatment your dentist has recommended, you may naturally be concerned about letting someone you don't know yet carry out the treatment, or about the unknown costs involved.

As a courtesy to you and your referring practitioner, we provide a free initial video consultation. One of our referral coordinators will familiarise you with the way in which the practice runs, how we provide treatment and the various treatment options available. You will meet with one of the specialist dentists, who will take time to discuss your concerns and find out what you are wishing to achieve with your dental care. The specialist will outline the various treatment options, which may be available, to meet your requirements. Using our experience of helping people with similar problems it should also be possible to provide you with an idea of the costs involved.

At the end of the consultation you will be given options on how to proceed. This may mean a treatment planning appointment, meeting with another specialist, or simply returning to your practitioner electing not to have any treatment at this time. With more complicated treatment requirements, some patients wish to discuss the appointment with their spouse or family before deciding whether to proceed or not. We are more than happy should you wish to bring another family member to the initial video consultation, or to any subsequent appointment.

Following this appointment the specialist will write to your dentist explaining their findings.

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