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Customised Designer Dentures

Removable dentures (false teeth) are used to replace missing teeth and gums. They can replace all the teeth ("complete" or "full" dentures) or just a few teeth ("partial denture").

Specialist prosthodontists are the recognised experts for the design and fabrication of removable dentures.

In the UK there are only 400 specialist prosthodontists out of 40,000 registered dentists.

Dr. Kevin A. Lochhead find out more
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Often seen as the despairing end point of a lifetime of dental problems - dentures will for some individuals be the realisation of a healthy, trouble-free mouth. The advent of improved denture resins, stains and artificial teeth, make it possible to recreate a beautiful natural smile.

Making the fabulous removable dentures is an extremely specialised area at which we are delighted to excel.

The fabrication process brings together many areas :

At the same time; we need to know and understand the significant science involved whilst managing, often uniquely different, mouth and jaw shapes, varying muscle skills of the patients receiving the dentures, different expectations and be able to incorporate the "artistry" to make them look entirely natural.

At Edinburgh Dental Specialists we love making dentures! Dr. Lochhead lectures regularly to dentists on removable dentures. In 2014 he was asked to present to the British Society of Prosthodontics at their annual conference in Dundee. This is a society made up of all the specialist prosthodontists from the dental hospital and private practice environment.

In 2015 he has been asked to present on removable dentures at the annual British Dental Conference in Manchester. This is the biggest dental conference in the UK with many thousands of dentists attending.

Integral to the skills of the prosthodontists are the skills of the dental technician. We don't "send" our denture work to an outside laboratory , we are so committed to achieving the best results that we have employed our own onsite prosthodontic technicians. Bruce and Sean have worked with us for many years and are able to take the information that you, and we, give them to produce the very highest quality restorations.

We are one of only a few laboratories to have invested in the latest IVOCLAR injection moulding techniques to ensure that we produce strong, accurate fitting dentures every time.

All of our removable dentures carry a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults.

Many people have problems with removable dentures either because of a poor appearance or confidence destroying and embarrassing mobility. This does not have to be the case. As specialists in the fabrication of these restorations, our guarantee to you is that once treatment has begun we will work with you to resolve your problems to the best of our abilities. Treatment is not completed until you are happy with the results achieved or the limit of what is possible has been reached.

The photographs below show a patient with no natural teeth and demonstrate the life like results that are achievable by our prosthodontists.