All you want to know about dental implants in Edinburgh

Dental implants are an efficient and reliable tooth replacement option. When delivered correctly they can last for many years without concerns. However, proper maintenance and regular visits to the dentist are required.

Dental Implants in EdinburghIf you are considering dental implants in Edinburgh, at Edinburgh Dental Specialists we will provide you information about the process and the expected results. But first we need to establish if you are a good candidate for this treatment, because even if you have decided you want them, not everyone can have dental implants in Edinburgh.

Is it better to leave my teeth with gaps?

If you have gaps in your teeth because of tooth loss, you may already feel embarrassed about your smile. Some gaps are unsightly because of their position in your mouth.

Replacing your missing teeth as soon as possible is really important, even if they are out of sight. The ideal time to have a dental implant is soon after a tooth extraction.

However, this is not always possible. If you leave your missing tooth (or teeth) without replacement for a long period of time, your surrounding teeth may start to move around, decay and prepare the ground for gum disease and other infections. The bone in your jawbone will also gradually disappear and it will be harder for your teeth to be restored.

If you have been considering dental implants in Edinburgh but haven’t had the opportunity to ask the right questions, we are here to help.

What are dental implants in Edinburgh made of?

Dental implants are very small posts which are made of titanium. When placed in the jawbone, they are completely out of sight. Once they fuse with the bone tissue they create a strong foundation for replacement teeth. These teeth can either be crowns, dentures or bridges and they are made of durable materials that are not susceptible to decay such as porcelain or a combination of composite materials. In some cases, your dentist may recommend metal crowns for back teeth just because they are out of sight and won’t compromise your smile.

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Great dentures in Edinburgh

These days it seems like everyone is getting their teeth replaced with dental implants, which is great. But not everyone can have dental implants, and, indeed, not everyone wants them. What are the alternatives? Well, for most people, it’s going to be either dentures or fixed bridgework.

Dentures have been around for hundreds of years now, and in that time, they have gotten a bad rap. This is mostly because the technology has not been good enough to create natural looking dentures that do as good a job as the teeth Mother Nature gave us.

Dentures in EdinburghDentures have been made of wood, of ivory, of dead people’s teeth. In the mid-20th century, they were made of acrylic, which was better, but still somehow the gums were too uniform in colour and the teeth didn’t reflect the light like real tooth enamel does. Most dentures looked far too perfect for the people wearing them.

Now, however, dentures have never been more realistic, thanks to advances in both manufacture techniques and in materials. When you come to Edinburgh Dental Specialists for dentures in Edinburgh, we have our own in-house denture technicians, who pride themselves on their craftsmanship.

They work with 4 of our dentists who have dedicated their careers to replacing lost teeth. All of us make sure we keep up to date with the latest advances in the field of tooth replacement so that we can make sure you get the latest in dentures in Edinburgh.

It’s a journey

When you come to us for dentures in Edinburgh, your treatment starts with an in-depth chat with one of our denture dentists about what you want to get out of having dentures. We will take detailed measurements of your mouth from which to make the dentures.

We use injection moulding equipment to produce strong, well-fitting dentures. And we will make sure that your dentures fit properly before we let you take them away.


We are a referral dentist, so whether you want new dentures in Edinburgh, or are having problems with your current dentures, to get an appointment, you need to get your dentist to refer you to us.

Choosing the right practice to improve your smile

Edinburgh Dental Specialists opened in 1994 as a private dental practice in the heart of historic Edinburgh city centre. Our practice has been developed over the past 20 years, attracting dentists to us that have special interest in a range of dental disciplines. Cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh is one area we have built a sound reputation on due to the skills of our dentists.

Cosmetic Dentistry in EdinburghSelecting the right practice to have your cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh is important for a range of reasons.

Patient choice

We aim for the best solution for our patients, whatever branch of dentistry has brought you to our door. You may have initially come for misalignment treatment, but then during consultation we have agreed a more extensive treatment plan to address all your oral health issues, including cosmetic changes. Since we are a multidisciplinary practice, including having onsite laboratories and surgical teams, we can offer you treatment choice without needing a referral.

Breadth of experience

Our dental team consists of dental professionals who have a special interest in various dental disciplines. We have a dedicated team for cosmetic dentistry, so you can feel safe in the knowledge our team will always put your dental health and desires first.

What can be addressed by Cosmetic Dentistry in Edinburgh?

Almost any cosmetic issue can be corrected by cosmetic dentistry including:

  • discoloured, stained teeth
  • cracked, chipped or misshapen teeth
  • missing or broken teeth
  • shape of teeth and gum lines

And since we have other dental teams at the ready; should we discover foundational issues such as decay, root canal problems, infections or jaw deterioration due to missing teeth, we can then address these issues in-house.

Our dental specialists and support staff care passionately about providing the best service. We are dedicated to treating our patients as we would like to be treated ourselves and will always go the extra mile to make your experience as successful and easeful as possible. Attending a consultation with us could be the beginning of a journey to the perfect smile, with a dentist who will be with you from start to finish.

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You’re in safe hands; it’s time to smile

At Edinburgh Dental Specialists, we see how tooth loss affects our patients every single day. Losing a single tooth through to all of your teeth can cause a range of problems from loss of confidence through to difficulty eating certain foods and ongoing oral health problems. Traditional solutions such as dentures and bridges work well as tooth replacements, restoring some function and look of missing teeth but they still require significant adjustment and compromise to lifestyle. Here in Edinburgh, dental implants are proving to be a popular alternative due to their ability to replicate the root of missing teeth.

Dental Implants in EdinburghDental implants are still a relatively new branch of dentistry, in Edinburgh, dental implants have been available to our patients for more than 20 years. Although many members of our team have been involved with ongoing research and development of dental implants for more than 30 years.

We believe in implants because they bring numerous long-term benefits such as a stronger jawbone, renewed confidence, and freedom from the discomfort caused by loose dentures.

Using the latest technology to replace teeth

Because of their proven benefits and reliability, dental implants are now widely regarded by dentists as the best solution for tooth loss. They’ve gained this reputation because they replace the whole tooth, restoring look and function, exactly like your natural teeth. Once these tiny screws are implanted, they imbed permanently into the jawbone, replacing the root. Thus, creating a strong anchor to attach a single tooth replacement through to a bridge or a full arch of dentures. Full bite action is then restored and they do not need to be removed for cleaning. Most importantly they encourage the continued, healthy growth of the jawbone and gum. You’ll never suffer from jawbone shrinkage and therefore failing dentures or bridges. With care, they can last a long time without replacement, restoring your missing teeth as though they’d never been lost.

Edinburgh Dental Specialists have a team of dental practitioners who have been able to place implants for many patients who have difficult and complex cases. So even if you’ve been turned down for dental implants in Edinburgh, do see us as we can often find solutions.

How cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh combines treatments for best results

Dentists now have an incredible array of treatments at hand to restore, reshape, enhance and replace entire teeth. If you’re not happy with the way your teeth look, there’s no need to hide behind your hand when you smile. As your cosmetic dentist, Edinburgh Dental Specialists can combine a number of treatments to resolve any dental issue.

Cosmetic Dentistry in EdinburghAlthough you’d be forgiven for believing cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh is only a cosmetic fix, this is far from the truth. Combining treatments starts by improving underlying issues that will correct any oral health problems, such as bite issues or restoring the integrity of your jawbone.

What treatment combining looks like

As an example of our treatment combining, if you have a missing tooth, others that are cracked and misshapen and discolouration to teeth, we can restore your smile to its youthful lustre.

Firstly, our dentists will examine your mouth for any infections or underlying issues. Although this isn’t cosmetic dentistry, in Edinburgh it’s important that any problems are addressed before cosmetic treatments begins. If you liken this to setting a good foundation for building on, you will see the importance of good oral health before beginning.

Once we have treated any oral health issues and prepared your jawbone for minor surgery, we would then start combining treatments to produce a new, improved smile:

Dental Implants

Single or multiple dental implants can be inserted into the jawbone during a simple surgery. A tooth replacement would then be fixed onto the implant, fully restoring bite action and maintaining the integrity of your jawbone long term.


Veneers are thin porcelain sheaths that sit over the front of teeth, bonded to their surface. They cover chips, cracks and misshapen teeth. They not only restore the look of your teeth, they also strengthen and protect teeth from further damage.

Final touches

We can also whiten teeth to remove surface staining. Implants and veneers would be colour matched to your teeth, so we often start treatment with whitening. We can also reshape teeth and gum lines, so once completed you’ll have a straight, white, clean-looking teeth that appear healthy and youthful.

Dentures getting a facelift at Edinburgh Dental Specialists

In Edinburgh, dentures for many years have been seen as ill fitting, false-looking teeth that we are resigned to wearing once we lose teeth. However, thanks to new technologies such as IVOCULAR injection moulding techniques, dentures not only fit like a glove, they also look completely natural. Using high quality ceramics and dental materials, dentures can be made that replicate the look and feel of the teeth and the gum line, so once you are wearing your dentures, only you and your dentist will know.

Dentures in EdinburghAt Edinburgh Dental Specialists we are dedicated to ensuring your experience is a positive one, which is why we have invested in a denture laboratory onsite. Our two prosthodontic technicians, working closely with us as your dentist, create your bespoke dentures, altering and changing the design until we find the best fit for you.

Our tech team

Sean Mckenna has a special interest in casting and modelling dentures. He is a qualified dental technician and has worked with us to develop the best fit for your dentures. In Edinburgh, Sean is joined by his colleague, Bruce Innes. Bruce manages the restoration department, overseeing all of the resin and acrylic procedures that produce our dentures. He is a qualified technician and after working in the field for 9 years, he joined us at our Edinburgh dentures laboratory.

We also boast four prosthodontic dentists, headed by Dr Kevin Lochhead, all of whom have a special interest in the area.

Why visit our prosthodontic team

Due to our special interest in prosthodontics, there is little that our team has not encountered when it comes to fitting dentures. When we look at fitting removable dentures, we will be listening primarily to your concerns and what you have experienced to date. Drawing on the latest technologies, the skills of our dental technician team, and the experience of the dental team, we will work to resolve any issues you may have.

Losing teeth is not an easy experience so you need to be reassured that you won’t miss your lost teeth. With our team of prosthodontic technicians and dentists you know your dentures in Edinburgh will always be a good fit.

How we can help your smile

When one or two teeth have been lost, you can get caught in a trap. You know you need to replace them, but you don’t get around to it and you don’t take such good care of your remaining teeth either.

If you’ve come to Edinburgh Dental Specialists for dental implants, it may well be that your other teeth need some help even if they do not need replacing.

Cosmetic Dentistry in EdinburghA great smile shows off evenly spaced, well-shaped, aligned teeth that have good light reflecting qualities. We offer cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh so that you can get that great smile back, whether or not you have come to us for dental implants.


Often, when you have been missing teeth for some time, the remaining ones will have become destabilised. They may have started to lean or twist, or tip into the gap. To remedy this, cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh uses cosmetic braces. They can put your teeth back where they should be in a matter of months. Cosmetic braces are discreet, or even invisible, so you won’t need to worry that everyone will start staring at you. If you are going to have dental implants, you may need cosmetic braces beforehand.


Whitening lifts out stains created by pigments that have become lodged in the pores of your tooth enamel. These pigments come from tea, coffee, red wine and other foods. Whitening also lightens tooth enamel. It is a quick, non-invasive treatment that can take years off you.

Veneers and crowns

Veneers are tiny sheaths of porcelain that are fixed onto the front of your teeth to cover over imperfections such as chips and cracks and worn edges. Crowns cover the entire tooth.

Dental porcelain

This is a highly durable substance that can be shaped and coloured to match your existing teeth. We have onsite technicians who make all our restorations for us. If you want your teeth whitened, you need to get this done before any other cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh as your restorations will not respond to whitening treatments.

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Can dental implants cause problems?

While no medical or dental treatment is without risk, dental implants are a very safe and tested treatment that has been used for many years without major problems. Dental implants in Edinburgh have a very high success rate, though you should take very good care of them to ensure that they will last for years to come.

Dental Implants in EdinburghIf you are thinking of getting dental implants in Edinburgh, it’s good to know if there any risks involved and our knowledgeable dentists at Edinburgh Dental Specialists are here to educate you. While very rare, dental implants can go wrong, but luckily the situation can be reversed with the help of an experienced dentist.

Short-term side-effects

If you experienced any of the following side-effects straight after implant surgery, you can rest assured that they will go away within a few hours or days:

  • minor bleeding
  • swelling
  • bruised skin
  • pain

Minor bleeding is common for a few hours after the operation and swelling will go away in a few days. The same applies for bruised skin and pain. If these symptoms persist for many days after you have had your operation, you should contact your dentist immediately.

Other side-effects

Of all the possible side-effects of dental implants in Edinburgh, some are more common than others. These include:

  • infection of the implant sites
  • tooth injury
  • sinus problems
  • nerve damage

At Edinburgh Dental Specialists, all these risks are minimal to non-existent, because our dentists are very well trained in implant placement and have many years of experience in successfully placing dental implants in Edinburgh. However, you should take very good care of your dental implants and don’t neglect your dental hygiene. While it’s true that dental implants cannot develop cavities, they are still prone to gum disease and infection just like normal teeth. More specifically, dental implants are prone to a condition known as peri-implantitis that affects the soft tissue that protects and keeps the dental implants in place.

Don’t be afraid

Dental implant complications are very rare and they can be avoided with the help of our talented dental team. To learn more about dental implants in Edinburgh and how they can help re-structure your smile, contact us today.

Keep your dentures in Edinburgh functional by taking care of them

Proper denture care is important for your oral health for many reasons. For starters, dentures replace your missing teeth and they are responsible for a number of functions in your mouth, including chewing and biting. Keeping in them in shape will increase your overall oral function. Moreover, dentures can wear down easily and having them replaced every few years won’t be cost-effective in the long run.

dentures-in-edinburghDentures in Edinburgh are a big investment in your oral health and at Edinburgh Dental Specialists we will do our best to help you take good care of them. Patients with dentures in Edinburgh who have questions about them can always reach to our dentists for answers.

Here are a few tips for keeping your dentures clean and functional:

Don’t postpone your check-up with the dentist

Some people think that once they have had their dentures fitted they are good for life. However, dentures need proper maintenance by a dentist and nothing you do at home can replace this level of care. Your dentist will also look for any problems, such as a loose fit, with an aim to head off problems before they happen. During your check-up, we will also deep clean and polish your dentures, making them look like new.

Caring for your dentures at home is essential

Caring for your dentures on a daily basis doesn’t only involve removing them every night. Just like real teeth, dentures can develop plaque and harbour bacteria which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. People with dentures already have many problems to deal with and having extra dental issues to tackle can be daunting.

Dentures in Edinburgh should be cleaned every night. This can be achieved with special products recommended by your dentist. While you are encouraged to clean your dentures in-between meals, make sure not to use anything too abrasive that could scratch or destroy them. Ideally, you should place your dentures in a glass of water and cleaning solution every night. Special cleaning solutions for dentures are designed to clean without damaging your dentures. Last but not least, don’t forget to clean and massage your gums while your dentures are out of your mouth.

Dismissing common myths about cosmetic dentistry

The Internet has made our lifes much easier in so many ways, but at the same time, it is also home to a lot of misconception – especially when it comes to medical and dental treatments.

If you have always wanted to improve the shape, texture, size or alignment of your teeth and you don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place – at Edinburgh Dental Specialists, we offer bespoke cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh. Our cosmetic dentists will answer all your questions and dispel any misinformation you have ever heard about cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh.

Cosmetic Dentistry in EdinburghCosmetic dentistry is expensive and unnecessary

For some people, cosmetic dentistry is all about expensive and unnecessary treatments that have no real medical value. However, just like any other dental treatment, cosmetic treatments have many benefits for your dental health. For instance, aligning your teeth with cosmetic braces will lead to an overall improvement of your oral hygiene and oral health. At the same time, cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh is not expensive and patients have many different options to suit their budget and unique dental needs.

Cosmetic dentistry looks unnatural

Badly placed and non-customised cosmetic dentistry can look very unnatural, but that’s not the case with cosmetic dentistry provided by an experienced practitioner. At Edinburgh Dental Specialists, we have an eye for detail and we customise our treatments for our patients. For instance, we will advise against brightening your teeth too much, because sparkling white is an unnatural colour. We will also colour-match your restorations to the rest of your teeth, so that you won’t have patches on your smile.

Dental bridges are the only way to replace a missing tooth

Dental bridges have been used for many years in cosmetic dentistry with success, but there is now a better choice to replace missing teeth – dental implants. Unlike bridges that eventually destroy the tooth enamel of the neighbouring teeth in order to become stable, dental implants do not harm your natural teeth. Moreover, they are much stronger, they last for many years with proper maintenance and they are easier to clean.

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