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Archive: Tele-Dentistry - Edinburgh Dental Specialists

Edinburgh Dental Specialists are expanding their mentoring and advice service to all our dental colleagues. Thanks to the technological advancement of the Telecoms Industry, products such as the iPhone and the Blackberry have now made the impossible possible.

Using their mobile phone, dentists are now able to quickly take a photo of a particular case or x-ray and e-mail it directly to Edinburgh Dental Specialists and get a 2nd opinion from one of our Clinicians within hours.

We triage your question and then direct it to the relevant specialist's iphone: problem cases, radiographic findings, second opinions, endo, pros, perio, technical lab questions, aesthetic concerns, pre-referral questions - really anything where you think a second pair of eyes would be helpful or just want to discuss something that you have come across.

We are very happy to provide this service to you completely 'free of charge'and look forward to helping you in any way that we can.

If you have any photos of a particular case and you would like to get a 2nd opinion from one of our 9 GDC Registered Specialists, please send them to